Onsen: hot springs on the islands near Tokyo and delicious dishes


この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 8 分です。

On an island near Tokyo, enjoy a hot spring and food in one or two days

If you can take two or three consecutive days off,
The islands are recommended for the secret spot of summer vacations.


You will take a Tokai Kisen boat from Takeshiba pier.

In the morning, if you go by jet boat, you will arrive on the island at noon,
Day trips are possible around Oshima,
After all, you want to relax all day.

It is a good idea to leave at midnight on a large boat
and arrive on the island the next morning.
So, you shoud take a three-day break including staying on board.


To play on the island,
It is good that there is no congestion like the Shonan Sea.
You can relax and enjoy various activities at sea, including sea bathing.

Accommodation like hotels and hostels are not large-scale,
you can enjoy it easily.

A guest house is also good.
Managed by a local fisherman,
fresh fish comes out.

Sometimes, the local liqueur called shochu is served by the master.
You can expect a little.

The secret of the secret is an island hot spring

The islands of Izu,
Naturally, it belongs to the Fuji volcanic belt,
Most of the islands have hot springs.

6 of 9 Izu Islands
(Izu Oshima, Niijima, Shikinejima, Kozushima, Miyakejima, Hachijojima)
They have hot springs.


Of course, there are hot springs like hostels and hotel facilities,
it’s better to have a free hot spring.

Free means there is no one to manage.
So it’s normal to have nowhere to change your clothes.

That’s why It’s a little too adventurous for women to have fun.
It would be nice if you were with your friends or wearing swimsuit.

Before the Miyakejima eruption, I cycled once in a swimsuit on the Miyakejima coast.
On the way, I took a break by soaking in the hot spring that gushed on the sandy beach.
It is a luxurious souvenir.

Nowadays, for example, Jinata Onsen in Shikinejima is famous.
In any case, by inns and guesthouses would you not like to get information on the hot springs that only the locals know?

Pleasant island meals

On any island,
It is famous that sushi and sashimi of fresh seafood, and dried fish, for example the Oshima bekko sushi.

It seems that various “specialties” and “gourmet” have developed recently,
But, as I said earlier, my fond memories of Niijima are Kusaya the dried fish and shochu that combination was good.

Have a nice trip!

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